Kick-Start Programs

Achieve a healthy, strong & balanced body and mind safely and efficiently with my special online Kick-Start Programs from anywhere in the world.

Kick-Start Workout Program

The Internet is full of free workouts and exercises. But are they really good for your body? Do you get the best results?

The Kick-Start Workout Program is an individually tailored exercise plan to meet your special needs and goals with a highly qualified Personal Trainer. Get yourself back into shape in a safe, efficient and enjoyable way without being afraid of injuring yourself or wasting your time on the wrong exercises. Results are guaranteed!

The Kick-Start Workout program includes:

  • Planning and Goal setting call (20 min) to assess your current situation so I can create the best possible Workout Program suited to your body and life situation.
  • Live video training session (60 min) to go through your new Kick-Start Workout Program together, learn the correct exercise techniques and to make the possible adjustments.
  • Individual Home Program videos so you can keep on training your new Workout Program with my guidance wherever and whenever for the rest of your life.

With a personally planned Kick-Start Workout Program you will get the best results and start to feel stronger, fitter and more balanced than you ever thought was possible!


$ 195
  • Planning & Goal Setting Call (20min)
    (Valued at $35)
  • Live Video Training Session (60min)
    (Valued at $85)
  • Individual Home Program Video
    (Valued at $155)

Kick-Start Mindful Eating Plan

What to eat, how to eat, when to eat when you want to start to feel healthier, lighter and more energetic?

Kick-Start Mindful Eating Plan is individually tailored to meet your daily schedule, lifestyle and health goals.* You will not need to spend time on cooking special meals or buying the latest trendy superfoods.

Mindful Eating has been shown to reduce stress, improve digestion, reduce calories and food cravings, lose weight and increase enjoyment.

The Kick-Start Mindful Eating Plan includes:

  • Planning & Goal setting call (20 min) to assess your current situation so I can create the best possible Mindful Eating Plan suited to your special needs, goals and life situation. *
  • Live video Mindful Eating session (60 min) where we go through your New Mindful Eating Plan together, make possible adjustments and answer all your questions.
  • Individual Mindful Eating Plan document as your new clear blueprint how to keep up your new Mindful Eating habits for the rest of your life.


Take the control of food instead letting it control you. Healthy eating is not a diet, it is an enjoyable and balanced lifestyle which will make you feel great every day.


$ 145
  • Planning & Goal Setting Call (20min)
    (Valued at $35)
  • Mindful Eating Online Consultation (60min)
    (Valued at $85)
  • Individual Mindful Eating Plan Document
    (Valued at $85)

Kick-Start Transformation in 6 Weeks

Did you know that according to research, it takes at least 21 days to fully form a new habit?

To make sure you get the best results out of your new healthy exercising and eating habits, this Kick-Start Total Transformation program in 6 weeks will keep you motivated and accountable after we have set your new individual Kick-Start Workout Program and Kick-Start Mindful Eating Plan.

I will personally give you a call (or texting if that is your preference) to check in how you are going with your eating and exercise and if you have any problems or questions based on your new programs.

Save money and get all-in-one with The Kick-Start Total Transformation in 6 weeks:

  • Kick-Start Workout program to get your body into shape and feeling strong & balanced.
  • Kick-Start Mindful Eating Plan to make you feel healthy, light and energetic.
  • Weekly 15 minute Motivation & Accountability Calls to keep you on track with your new healthy exercise and eating habits.


$ 295
  • Kick-Start Workout Program
    (Valued at $275)
  • Kick-Start Mindful Eating Plan
    (Valued at $205)
  • Weekly 15 minute Motivation & Accountability Calls
    (Valued at $180)

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