I offer a unique combination of Physiotherapy, Functional Strength Training, Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness to achieve a healthy, strong & balanced body and mind.

Who is Kaisa?

Hey, I am so happy to see you here!

I am a Holistic Physio-Trainer Kaisa, originally from Finland. I have helped hundreds of people to feel better, pain-free, healthy and fit since 2013 both in Finland and Australia.

Through my working history I have seen too many people hurting and injuring themselves with unnecessarily strenuous exercise and poor training techniques.

Strict dieting is another common way to cause more harm than good for physical and mental wellbeing.

I believe that only by balanced and safe exercise, eating and lifestyle habits you are able to become the healthy, strong and happy version of yourself – from the inside out.

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My Mission

As a Holistic Physio-Trainer, my mission is to empower busy people to become the most healthy, strong and balanced versions of themselves in a safe and enjoyable way – No more harmful harmful exercise routines or diets.


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Finland
  • Cert III & IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer)
  • Pilates Instructor
  • Certificate of Mindful Nutrition
  • Yoga & Mindfulness Practitioner

Why Holistic Physio-Training?

Physio-training is for you if you want to:

  • Get highly qualified training that is individually tailored to your body to meet your special needs and goals
  • Gain ideal muscle balance, strength and flexibility
  • Ease your body pains and tensions, improve your posture
  • Learn the correct training techniques and forms to avoid injuries or hurting yourself
  • Have clarity about how to train, eat and live to gain the best sustainable results
  • Have ongoing reliable support to stay motivated, accountable and on track
  • Train efficiently outside of a gym without much or any equipment
  • Feel physically and mentally strong, fit and energetic to tackle any challenges in everyday life
  • Feel less stressed and more balanced and calm, and improve your sleep

How Physio-Training Works

Based on Physiotherapy principles, we focus on improving your core, glute and back muscles to gain ideal balance, strength and posture and to ease body pains and tensions.

The Physio Training will make you strong, fit, flexible and balanced using methods from Physiotherapy, Functional Strength Training, Pilates and Yoga with no equipment needed.

We always finish the session with a moment of relaxation so you leave the workout feeling not only accomplished and strong but also with a sense of peace and calm. Perfect balance for both your body and mind!

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