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KaisaWell is a Finnish Physiotherapist*, Holistic Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Yoga Practitioner and Mindful Nutrition Coach based in Melbourne Bayside (Sandringham, Hampton, Brighton, Elwood and Bentleigh). 

KaisaWell mission is to empower busy people to become the best, healthy, strong and balanced versions of themselves in a SAFE, EFFICIENT and ENJOYABLE way – No more harmful exercise routines or diets.


*KaisaWell is not offering Physiotherapy services in Australia

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Will it work for for you?

KaisaWell will work for you if you want to:

  • Train with a highly qualified personal trainer in a safe and enjoyable way that is individually tailored to your body and to meet your special needs and goals
  • Strengthen your core, glute and back muscles to gain an ideal posture and to ease your body pains and tensions
  • Learn the correct training techniques and forms to avoid injuries or hurting yourself
  • Save money, time and energy by not only relying on passive treatments such as chiropractic, medical or a massage
  • Have ongoing reliable support to stay motivated, accountable and on track
  • Train efficiently outside of a gym or without much or any equipment
  • Get the best elements of Pilates, Yoga, Personal Training and Nutrition all-in-one


Your Melbourne Personal Trainer

As your Personal Trainer in Melbourne Bayside, I can help you become the healthy, strong and balanced version of yourself so you can:

  • Feel like you are back in control of your health, fitness and wellbeing – feel like the “real you” again
  • Feel good about yourself and confident and attractive around others
  • Feel lighter and fit into the clothes you want to wear
  • Have clarity about how to train and eat to gain the best sustainable results
  • Maintain ongoing motivation and energy to keep up the healthy habits
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Kaisa Well group training Australia

With my unique approach, you will also:

  • Feel physically and mentally strong, fit and energetic to tackle any challenges in everyday life
  • Improve your posture and manage body pains, tensions and injuries
  • Get back into the old activities and hobbies you used to enjoy and be more active with the family
  • Feel less stressed and more balanced and calm daily, and improve your sleep

All this without having to:

  • Be afraid that exercise might cause injuries, stiffness or more pain in the body
  • Attend strenuous and dangerous exercise routines or groups classes
  • Starve yourself – No diets or counting calories!

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